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Follow Friday

Every Friday Future Earth highlights profiles of activists and experts for our audience to follow. Check out the running list below!

Mary Heglar, Climate Justice Writer

Twitter: @MaryHeglar

Instagram: @mary.heglar

Vic Barrett, Climate activist

Twitter: @vict_barrett

Instagram: @vicbarrett_

Leah Thomas, Intersectional Environmentalism Activist

Twitter: @Leahtommi

Instagram: @greengirlleah

Wawa Gatheru, Climate Activist

Twitter: @wawagatheru

Instagram: @wawa_gatheru

Patrisse Cullors, Founder of BLM

Twitter: @Blklivesmatter

Instagram: @osopepatrisse

Dr. Ayana Johnson, Marine Biologist

Twitter: @ayanaeliza

Instagram: @ayanaeliza

Mari Copeny, Clean Water Activist in Flint

Twitter: @LittleMissFlint

Instagram: @littlemissflint

Vanessa Nakate, Founder and Climate Activist

Twitter: @vanessa_vash

Instagram: @vanessanakate1

Aja Barber, Sustainable Fashion Writer

Twitter: @AjaSaysHello

Instagram: @ajabarber

Amanda Gorman, Poet and Writer 

Twitter: @TheAmandaGorman

Instagram: @amandascgorman

Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Educator, Organizer and Writer

Twitter: @MsPackyetti

Instagram: @mspackyetti

Ron Finley, Gangsta Gardener for the Urban Community

Twitter: @RonFinleyHQ

Instagram: @ronfinleyhq

Teresa Baker,Inclusivity Activist for The Outdoors

Twitter: @LoveOnNature

Instagram: @teresabaker11

Mikaela Loach, Climate Justice and Anti-Racism Activist

Twitter: @mikaelaloach

Instagram: @mikaelaloach

Poppy Okotcha, Permaculture Designer and Organic Grower

Instagram: @poppyokotcha

Maya Penn, Environmental Activist, Artist and Eco-Designer

Twitter: @mayasideas

Instagram: @mayasideas

Kinsale Hueston, Poet and Indigenous Activist

Twitter: @KinsaleHueston

Indy Srinath, Urban Gardener 

Instagram: @indyofficinalis

Manju Kumar, Urban Organic Farmer

Instagram: @zerowastefarmer

Korina Emmerich, Activist, Designer and Founder of EMME Studios

Instagram: @korinaemmerich

Stevie Van Horn, Founder and Climate Activist

Instagram: @stevieyaaaay

Rishi Kumar, Regenerative Gardener and Educator

Instagram: @farmerrishi

Nelson Zepequeno, Account Manager of @blackmenwithgardens

Instagram: @zznelsonzz

Pashon Murray, Founder of Detroit Dirt

Twitter: @pashonmurray

Instagram: @detroitdirt

Reni Eddo-Lodge, Journalist and Author

Twitter: @renireni

Instagram: @renieddolodge

Xiye Bastida, Climate justice Activist

Twitter: @xiyebastida

Instagram: @xiyebeara

Anna Sacks, Environmental Waste Activist

Twitter: @the_trashwalker

Instagram: @thetrashwalker

Kristy Drutman, Environmental Media Host

Twitter: @BrownGirl_Green

Instagram: @browngirlgreen

Pattie Gonia, Drag Queen and Intersectional Environmentalist

Twitter: @pattiegonia

Instagram: @pattiegonia

Sophia Roe, Chef and Wellness Advocate

Twitter: @IamSophiaRoe

Instagram: @Sophia_roe

Lauren Singer, Zero Waste Activist and CEO of Package Free Shop

Twitter: @Trashis4Tossers

Instagram: @trashisfortossers

Williow Defebaugh, Editor-in-Chief of Atmos

Twitter: @Willwrights

Instagram: @willowrites

Sophia Li, Journalist, Director and Climate Optimist

Twitter: @sophfei

Instagram: @sophfei

Dominique Drakeford, Sustainable Fashion Activist and Founder

Twitter: @DomDrakeford

Instagram: @dominiquedrakeford

Amy Westervelt, Journalist, Author, Founder and Podcast Host

Twitter: @amywestervelt

Instagram: @amywestervelt

Alexandria Villaseñor, Founder of Earth Uprising

Twitter: @AlexandriaV2005

Instagram: @alexandriav2005

Diandra Marizet, Co-founder Intersectional Environmentalist

Twitter: @diandramarizet

Instagram: @diandramarizet

Jamie Margolin, Founder and Author

Twitter: @Jamie_Margolin

Instagram: @Jamie_s_margolin

Aditi Mayer, Fashion and Sustainability Journalist

Twitter: @AditiMayer

Instagram: @aditimayer

Alec Leach (Future Dust), Founder and Sustainable Fashion Activist

Twitter: @alecleach_

Instagram: @future__dust

Janaya Khan, BLM Activist and Storyteller

Twitter: @janaya_khan

Instagram: @janayathefuture

Sarah Eagle Heart, Social Justice Storyteller

Twitter: @Ms_EagleHeart

Instagram: @ms_eagleheart

Elizabeth L Cline, Author and Sustainable Fashion Expert

Twitter: @elizabethlcline

Instagram: @elizabethlcline

Matt Homewood, Sustainable Food Expert

Twitter: @AnUrbanHarvest

Instagram: @anurbanharvest

Adrienne Maree Brown, Author and Pleasure Activist 

Twitter: @adriennemaree

Instagram: @adriennemareebrown

Tara Houska, Indigenous Activist and Tribal Attorney 

Twitter:  @zhaabowekwe

Instagram:  @zhaabowekwe

Yessenia Funes, Journalist and Climate Editor 

Twitter: @yessfun

Instagram: @yessfun

Autumn Peltier, Chief Water Commissioner for Anishinabek Nation

Instagram: @autumn.peltier

Mya-Rose Craig, Founder, Birdwatcher and Environmental Activist

Twitter: @BirdgirlUK

Instagram: @birdgirluk

Eva Maria, Writer and Activist

Instagram: @imyagirleva

Alice Aedy, Founder and Documentary Filmmaker

Twitter: @AedyAlice

Instagram: @aliceaedy

Danni Washington, Science Communicator and Ocean Advocate

Twitter: @danniwashington

Instagram: @danniwashington

Lucy Biggers, Producer and Host of One Small Step

Twitter: @LLBiggers

Instagram: @lucybiggers

Tolmeia Gregory, Artist and Climate Justice Activist 

Twitter: @tolmeia

Instagram: @tolmeia

Christiana Figueres, Founder, Author and Podcast Host

Twitter: @CFigueres

Instagram: @cfigueres 

Vanessa Kate, Founder and Environmental Justice Activist

Instagram: @vanessanakate1

Whitney Bauck, Sustainable Fashion Reporter and Activist 

Twitter: @Unwrinkling

Instagram: @unwrinkling

Havana Edwards-Chapman, Artist and Human Rights Activist

Twitter: @TheTinyDiplomat

Instagram: @thetinydiplomat

Tori Tsui, Climate Activist 

Twitter: @toritsui

Instagram: @toritsui_

Kassia Meador, Surfer & Founder of KASSIA+SURF

Instagram: @kassiasurf

Hannah Testa, Environmental Activist

Twitter: @hannah4change

Instagram: @hannah4change

Marie Beecham, Anti-Racism Education Activist

Twitter: @mariejbeech

Instagram: @mariebeech

Jhánneu Roberts,Sustainability Expert

Instagram: @jhanneu

Clover Hogan, Climate Activist

Twitter: @cloverhogan

Instagram: @cloverhogan

Melati Wijsen,Youth Climate Activist

Instagram: @melatiwijsen

Kamea Chayne, Writer & Podcast Host: Green Dreamer

Twitter: @KameaChayne

Instagram: @GreenDreamerKamea 

Josse (Jocelyn) Gee, Artist

Twitter: @goldengreengee

Instagram: @goldengreengee

Pinar, Co-Founder @QueerNature, Founder of @indigequeers 

Instagram: @queerquechua

Jaylen Bastos, Urban Wildlife Ecologist & Educator

Twitter: @juantingjay

Instagram: @jauntingjay

Isaias Hernandez, Environmental Educator

Twitter: @queerbrownvegan

Instagram: @queerbrownvegan

Maya Siegel, Founder of @spacetospeakorg 

Twitter: @mayacsiegel

Instagram: @Maya.siegel

Iris Zhan, Climate Activist 

Twitter: @iris4action

Instagram: @iris4action

Jungwon Kim, Head Creative & Editorial at Rainforest Alliance 

Instagram: @JungWon217

Ming D. Liu, Head of PR at Intersectional Environmentalist

Twitter: @mingdliu

Instagram: @mingdliu

Terisa Siagatonu, Award-winning poet & Community Leader

Twitter: @terisasiagatonu

Instagram: @terisasiagatonu

Addie Fisher, Sustainable Living Enthusiast

Instagram: @oldworldnew 

Jhánneu Roberts, Sustainable Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

Twitter: @Jhanneu_

Instagram: @jhanneu

Kathryn Kellogg, Sustainable Lifestyle Blog

Twitter: @goingzerowaste


Zero Waste Daniel, Zero Waste Designer

Twitter: @zerowastedaniel

Instagram: @zerowastedaniel

Olivia for the Ocean, Plastic-Free Blogger & Clean Water Activist

Instagram: @oliviafortheocean

Gittemarie Johansen, Green Activist & Writer

Instagram: @gittemary

Anne-Marie Bonneau, Cookbook Author & Zero Waster

Twitter: @zerowastechef

Instagram: @zerowastechef

Ran Nomura, Zero Waste Lifestyle in Japan

Instagram: @zerowaste.japan