How Covid-19 Is Affecting Indigenous Groups

The impact of the Coronavirus on native communities looks very different than it does for the rest of the U.S. Indigenous communities across the country are historically underfunded and lack critical, essential resources. Hindered access to clean water in many tribal communities makes frequent hand washing difficult, while overcrowding in multi-generational indigenous homes prevents natives from being able to safely follow social distancing protocols. one of the most shocking being inefficient distribution mechanisms that have resulted in less than 2% of tribal clinics receiving necessary relief funds. 

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This Vox article goes into further detail about the factors that are contributing to the disproportionate impact of Covid-19


How You Can Help 

This teen vogue article details how you can help support indigenous groups and organizers in their efforts to minimize the impacts of the virus on their vulnerable communities. Below are additional resources and support efforts that you can contribute to.

- According to the American Indian College Fund, 62% of tribal college students already experienced food insecurity, and 69% were housing insecure even before the global pandemic. By donating, you can help provide native scholars with the tools they need to succeed under these difficult conditions.

-Corona Help Sioux Falls Fund is a coalition of churches and community members working to provide food and essential supplies to low income families in the Sioux Falls Area who’ve been deeply affected by school closures caused by the pandemic. 

-One Sioux Falls Fund is a disaster fund established to help families within the South Dakota Metropolitan Statistical Area who’ve lost their income as a result of the pandemic. The fund will ensure that these affected families are able to remain in their homes and avoid evictions while unable to work. 

-Larissa Nez is a member of the Diné Nation and serves as the Community Involvement Specialist for Navajo Project Indigenous-LAUNCH. She has listed numerous Covid-19 relief efforts on her blog that have been organized by native community members.